Coder's for Software Solutions

Coders© introduces itself as one of the Palestinian companies in the field of software solutions, web development and more importantly as one of the very few companies to specialize in R&D in the Arab market. In Coders© we produce innovative software solutions for various business sectors. Our solutions are proudly recognized as professional, flexible and easy to use. Coders© team of experts contains members with long experience in both Academic and Industrial fields of information technology. Fueled by their passion for modern technologies, and mathematical correctness they will guarantee that every Coders© client will have a project to remember.

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To Become A leader In Software Development In The Middle East

Assisting In The Development Of Palestinian Society In The Field Of Information Technology

Support The Requirements Of All Projects


Our company offers you the possibility to build and develop many services, including the following

Mobile App Development

Coders© staff have combined decades of experience in developing mobile apps with high quality code, design, and user experience. In Coders we ensure our customers get the best experience possible using modern UX/UI concepts, software best practices, and software testing.

Web design

We offer you the latest innovative designs and ideas that suit your business

Web Development

Starting from a deep understanding of your business, our task at Coders© is to use our skills in web design, web development, software engineering, and DevOpps to serve you the best possible website/ web system using latest technologies and techniques such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and others.

Software Testing

Backed with a wealth of experience in software development lifecycle and product release, Coders provides a multitude of software testing services that include supervised unit tests, software verification, and Quality assurance

Desktop App Development

Starting from a deep understanding of your business, our task at Coders© is to use our skills in applications design, application development, software engineering.

Facebook App Development

Social media networks have created a platform where we can interact & communicate not only with each other, but also with our favorite brands, products, services & more via Facebook Applications,Our team of experts easily acclimatizes to fit your vertical-specific requirements and interests.


We have a software team that combines experience, competence and creativity in the field of programming to provide information differently